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Meet Our Infusion Team

Every team member, including the President, raises prayer and financial support, so we can together minister to thousands of people around the globe each year. Your partnership enables us to lead many to Christ and help individuals and communities learn who they are in Christ and how they can break free from their previous lives of bondage. We invite you to partner with us through prayer and financial support.  Click the donate button associated with the individual you’d like to support.   

Staff - USA

dave park.jpg

Dave Park


Mark Keyes

Kurt_Kroschel_website pic.jpg

Kurt Kroschel


Doug Falls


Sally Falls

Fredwebsite photos_edited.jpg

Fred Freed

Clay website photo.jpg

Clay Hamby


Meghan Hamby


Rosalía Hoyt


Dave Johnston

Jan Website pic.JPG1 (1) copy.jpg

Jan Long

Chuckwebsite photos_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Chuck Leonard

Kristie_Kroschel website pic.jpg

Kristie Kroschel

Mary Lynn website photo_edited.jpg

Mary Lynn Tolar


Grace Park

Dan website photos_edited_edited.jpg

Dan Wilson


Sally Zelenock

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