Day 1 EPIC Identity

We will walk through the biblical truths about who you are in Christ. We will learn how to replace the negative, false ideas you have believed about God and yourself with these truths. Claiming your identity and spiritual inheritance in Christ is foundational for claiming the freedom Christ has purchased
for you.

Day 2 EPIC Freedom

Our battlefield is in the mind.
Satan’s lies are intended to keep
you in bondage to fear, anger,
hopelessness, addiction,
unforgiveness and every
destructive habit. However,
Jesus came to set you free. EPIC
Freedom will provide you with
tools to win the battle for the
mind and live in His freedom.

Day 3 EPIC Journey

In this full-day experience, we
follow Jesus’ model prayer in
Matthew 6:9-13 as a powerful
means for the Holy Spirit to
reveal to you any doors opened
to the enemy, unresolved
spiritual conflicts or
unforgiveness, and help you
claim freedom.

Image by Justin Luebke

Day 1 Leader 1

So many leaders do not feel qualified or equipped to help those with spiritual conflicts and bondage. EPIC Leader I provides Biblical tools and principles that will help you bring the message of identity and freedom in Christ to your church or organization.

Day 2 EPIC Leader II

We present material that will give you a clear model and guide to discipleship counseling and tools to help all believers overcome their spiritual conflicts.

Image by Filip Gielda

Other Events

What People Say...

Neil Anderson 

Founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries

Infusion Ministries has the right message to impact this generation. Dave is a gifted and loving communicator with a passion for seeing you come alive in Christ. 

Josh McDowell

Author & National Speaker

Dave shows, in a warm and insightful way, how our God is in the business of Stomping Out the Darkness and how Jesus is The Bondage Breaker. Dave will help you discover who you are in Christ so you can walk free.

Bill Bright

Co-Founder of CRU

The Lord has given Neil and Dave a great message that will speak to the critical needs of youth today. When young people find their freedom in Christ they experience the love, power, and joy of God.

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