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International Ministries

 We are excited to take the message of identity and freedom in Christ to brothers and sisters of every tribe, tongue, and nation. God has, through divine connections, expanded our ministry so that we now have staff members in six countries.  Each international staff member has been radically changed by the message of identity and freedom. Every day doors are opening to multiply this life-giving ministry to others.  Read their stories below.

Latin America

San Francisco, Argentina

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Nico Spies

When Nico was 20 years old, he met the living Christ in a new and vivid way that transformed his life. He also encountered the books Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. Nico began teaching the messages of identity and freedom in Christ. In 2012, he met César Forero and Dave Park at a missionary camp in Chile. Nico and his wife Deby prayed and asked the Lord how they could be a part of the Infusion Ministries team. Nico has reached thousands of youth around Argentina through the teachings of identity and freedom. It has been a great blessing for Nico to be a part of the Infusion team as a representative in Argentina.

Cordoba, Argentina

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Melisa Leiva

Melisa first encountered Infusion at a youth conference where Nico and Dave taught. In 2016, she came to Knoxville to attend our EPIC Latino Summit. After finishing her degree in English Translation in 2018, Melisa had the opportunity to come to Knoxville for one year to complete the EPIC Internship. After completing her internship, God opened the door for her to be a staff representative. Gifted in languages and a leader in her church, Melisa is passionate about discipleship and teaching others in her church and community who they are in Christ. 

Panama City, Panama

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César Forero

Director of Latino Ministries

César was familiar with Dave’s books from a young age and later met Dave while interpreting for him at a youth conference. César has the heart to reach people from Latin America with the messages of identity and freedom. César has worked with YWAM and has been actively involved in missions with COMIBAM as well. In addition to his responsibilities with Infusion, He co-pastors the Centro de Restauracion Nueva Vida Church in the suburbs of Panama City, Panama. César and his wife Lynette have two children. As Director for Latino Ministries in Panama, César Forero is actively building relationships with church leaders all over Latin America.

Heredia, Costa Rica

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Rudy Corea Avendano

Rudy is the senior pastor and founder of the Abundant Life Church, in Heredia, Costa Rica. He is a graduate of the Baptist Seminary in Costa Rica. He is also the founder and director of Jholy, a ministry designed to reach postmodern youth. He mentors the Central America and Caribbean organization Purpose Driven, participates in the ministry of Rick Warren, lectures for Focus on the Family - No Apologies, and develops teaching materials related to sex education in Costa Rica and Cuba. Rudy led his church to be the first international church by being part of the San Felipe Baptist Association and helped start the STARS mission network. Rudy and his wife, Ana Luisa, have two children.

Chaco, Argentina

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Ludmila Duk

Ludmila was born and raised in Argentina and grew up in a big pastoral family. She accepted Jesus at six years old. Her desire to know God grew from there. Ludmila Moved to New Zealand when she was 22 and lived there for ten years. She made a career as a Chef and calls New Zealand her second home even today. After chasing her dream of traveling the world, exploring a new culture, learning another language, and achieving career success, she felt that the Lord was challenging her for something bigger. The tragic loss of one of her dear friends led her back to Argentina. She knew it was time to have an encounter with her Abba father and to begin to heal from this loss. God never stopped pursuing her, so she followed the call and
enrolled in the Infusion Ministries internship in Knoxville, Tennessee. Before she even finished the training at Infusion, Ludmila decided to be part of the team and wanted to share with others the healing, restoration,  identity, and freedom she received from the Lord.

Europe & Asia

Chemnitz, Germany

RegineP (1).JPG

Regine Pagelsdorf

Regine grew up in a Christian family in Western Germany and at the age of eight, she personally accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. From that moment she experienced true peace. She wanted others to know this peace and prayed for individuals to know Christ. She knew the importance of living for Jesus. In 1994, after completing her theological education, Regine moved to Chemnitz, to work for the church planting ministry of the Freien evangelischen Gemeinde (Evangelical Free Church). She became acquainted with the message of “Freedom in Christ” in May 2005. She discovered her identity in Christ and experienced His freedom – step by step. She sought a way to share these truths with others and God provided a way for her to introduce the EPIC Identity and Freedom materials to the Chemnitz FeG Church in 2008. In 2014, Regine visited Two Rivers Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she met Dave Park. It is her wish and desire to disciple and to share identity and freedom worldwide. Regine has partnered with Infusion Ministries to help her spread these important messages to Germany and Europe.

Killyleagh, N. Ireland


Andrew & Emma Bustard

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Andrew grew up and was educated in Belfast, Northern Ireland majoring in Business & Finance, Management, and Accounting.  Before completing his internship with Infusion Ministries in 2019, Andrew worked for over 25 years in the public sector in Northern Ireland in a variety of roles.  Andrew came to Christ at the age of 9 years.  For Andrew and his wife Emma, understanding their identity and freedom in Christ has been a central feature in navigating a number of difficult and complex episodes in their lives.  Andrew’s focus is to draw people to the truth of scripture and to the person and character of Jesus Christ.

Emma graduated from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Diploma in Marketing, Advertising & PR in 2001 and 2006 respectively.  Since graduating, she has worked in administrative roles, most recently in the Precept Ministries Ireland office.  Wife to Andrew and Mummy to Zach, Emma gave her life to Christ at the age of 8 years. She undertook her Infusion Ministries Internship in August 2019 and, along with Andrew, has a vision to bring the identity and freedom message to Ireland.  In light of her own life experience and unexpected trials, she has a heart to connect with individuals who have lost sight of their identity and freedom through the challenges of their journeys.

Jerusalem, Israel

Nabil Website pic.jpg

Nabil Kort

The Lord first brought Dave Park and Nabil together in 2014 on a Holy Land tour, where Nabil was the guide. They have led tours together every year since. Through these pilgrimages, the Lord has used Nabil and Dave in a mighty way for His glory, through words of wisdom to the people and setting people free by the power of the Holy Spirit. Nabil is also now pastoring a church in Jerusalem called Kingdom Church. Their church has begun relief work in areas such as Jerusalem and the West Bank bringing help and hope to families in need. Nabil and Louiza believe in sharing the message of identity and freedom and love to see the true work of the Holy Spirit in reconciling Arabs and Jews together.

Image by Hu Chen



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Benjamin Chitumbi

Ben was raised in a single-parent home, the oldest of seven children who experienced significant abandonment and rejection. His mother, Naomi, showed him the door of a church on Easter Sunday, April 15, 2000, and he came to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

Ben has a bachelor's Degree in Project Management from the Tengeru Institute of Community Development in Arusha. He also received an Advanced Diploma in Theology from Nassa Theological College in Mwanza and a diploma in Community Development from Monduli CDTI.

He worked as a Project Social Worker, then as a Project Director with Compassion International, Tanzania, for five years. After that, he served as Projects Manager and Chaplain for the African Inland Church of Tanzania College of Health Science in Kolondoto and with another teaching hospital for three years. Ben then heard and responded to God's call to leave and minister full-time to public school students in Tanzania. 

He met his friend Kurt Kroschel while interpreting for him at a pastors training in Shinyanga, Tanzania. Through Kurt, he learned about Infusion Ministries. Later, his desire to know more about his true identity in Christ led him to take part in Infusion's 2022/2023 internship program, through which he was set free from resentment, bitterness, and anger toward his biological father. He gained a greater understanding of his new identity as an adopted child of God in Christ - one who is accepted, significant, and loved.

As an ordained and gifted youth pastor, Ben is committed to and delights in helping students in public schools come to Christ, know their true identity in Christ, and utilize their own power and authority in Christ to lead victorious lives. He is married to Monica, who is his chum, and God has blessed them with three boys and a girl.

International Ministries Director


Rosalia Hoyt

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