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Join us on our

Best of the Holy Land Tours

Walk where Jesus walked and experience the Holy Land and its Biblical history as it comes alive before your eyes!


Experience special messages from Dr. Dave Park and the Infusion Team.  Our live worship and personal prayer times are deeply moving and life-changing. Whether you're considering a short 10-day tour or you are ready for a full 17-day tour it will be the trip of a lifetime. Our licensed professional guide and pastor Nabil Kort is ready to serve you and is also Infusion Ministries staff. 


Space is limited so sign up today!

May 11 - 28, 2024

Israel & Jordan - 17 days

Price Info coming soon!

($1,400 addition fee for single room/no roommate stay)

A Taste of the Holy Land

Meet Your Guide

Nabil Website pic.jpg

Nabil Kort

Nabil is a licensed and certified guide in Israel and speaks Hebrew, Arabic, and English. But Nabil is more than a guide - he comes with a pastors heart and a profound understanding of how to listen to God in prayer and bring words of encouragement to others.


The Lord first brought Dave Park and Nabil Kort together in 2014 on a Holy Land tour, where Nabil was the guide.  They have led tours together every year since. 


An Infusion Holy Land tour always includes special times of worship and Listening Prayer. Through these pilgrimages, the Lord has used Nabil and Dave in a mighty way for His glory, through special words of wisdom for the people and setting people free by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Meet Your Host

dave park.jpg

Dave Park

Dave has a special love and zeal for Israel that is contagious. He began to study the historical geography of the Levant, or the Holy Land, in 1980, drawing dozens and dozens of handmade maps of critical Biblical events. Dave took every archaeology course he could and was even selected by the Criswell Foundation to work on an archaeological dig at Tell el-Hesi. 


Dave's deep love of the Life of Christ and Gospels makes the Infusion tours incredibly unique. The Bible comes alive as we walk where Jesus walked, and pray where Jesus prayed. One of Dave's hobbies is collecting ancient artifacts and coins from the Holy Land, especially those dating from the time of Christ.


Profound Biblical truths, personal prayer & intense worship - there is no tour like an Infusion tour!

Neil Anderson 

Founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries

Meet Your Worship Leaders

Clay website photo.jpg

Clay and Meghan Hamby

Clay and Meghan have led praise and worship for the "The Best of the Holy Land " tours with Nabil and Dave since 2016.  They are always amazed at the way God reveals Himself on these trips. While encountering the Lord is possible anywhere there is something extremely special about encountering Him in the actual places where He walked as a man and performed His earthly ministry. From the top of Mount Arbel where Jesus went to be alone with the Father to the Garden of Gethsemane you are invited to join them in this worship adventure through one of the most incredible places in the world.

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