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Many times believers find themselves trapped in habitual sin or struggling with their past. Our goal is to help people get free and to experience all God has for them. 


Infusion Ministries offers personal counseling and discipleship. In our freedom counseling sessions, we walk through life-changing messages from our EPIC Identity and EPIC Freedom material. The final piece is the EPIC Journey, which is a powerful encounter with Christ based on the Lord’s Prayer.  You will learn to hear from God, break down strongholds, and restore intimacy with your Heavenly Father. Freedom counseling appointments are about an hour-long each and usually continue for 10-12 weeks. While we do not charge for counseling sessions, we invite those going through this process to partner with our ministry financially.


Please contact us and start your journey to freedom today.

Image by Harrison Hargrave


- CM

The healing I found through Infusion Ministry has been absolutely life-changing for me. Walking through the truth of who Jesus is and who I am as His creation brought freedom that I didn't know was possible. I had carried shame and labeled myself by my choices and my past. It was affecting all of my relationships, but most critically, my walk with Jesus. I just couldn't accept His love for me. In saying yes to this ministry, I was saying yes to His relentless pursuit of me. He loves us too much to leave us wounded or walking in defeat. I'm so incredibly grateful for how He uses this ministry and the lives that are changed by Him through it!

- LL

"As I look back over the unique journey God has had me on, I see how God uniquely aligned me with Infusion Ministries and their counseling service at just the right time in my life. God had primed my heart to be ready and willing to receive Truth in a way I never had before. God used Infusion's Counseling process and materials to open my eyes to my new identity in Christ and the battle for my mind that I did not even know existed. God used this process and material to write Truth in my heart on deeper levels and increased my level of freedom in my walk with Christ. I would not be who I am today --experientially-- without following the Holy Spirit's lead in going through this counseling process at Infusion Ministries."

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