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  • Emma Bustard

Our Consolation

Some time ago, while interceding for various situations, I had suddenly begun praying that individuals would know the “consolation of the Holy Spirit.” Recently, Dr. Dave Park led the Infusion Ministries interns through the Life of Christ study and turned our attention to the testimonies of Simeon and Anna in the Temple found in Luke 2. There it was in verse 25 - “consolation,” paraklesis, and it caught my breath. Suddenly the term was beautiful, exquisite, and I needed to linger a little longer.

I am thankful that the Lord does not receive or answer our prayers based on a 10/10 for technicality. On reflection, in my prayers for others, I should have been praying that the Holy Spirit would console individuals. The Holy Spirit consoles, however, according to Luke 2. Jesus Christ IS the consolation. Simeon had spent many years looking forward to the consolation of Israel, many years in the waiting room for THIS moment. He surely was old - although we are not told his age. We understand that his death is imminent now that he has seen the Lord’s Messiah. Still, in the winter of his life, he waited with expectation. Worn eyes seeing clearly, instantly recognizing Jesus as the Savior, the light to the Gentiles, the glory of Israel. Even with the long wait and passage of time, Simeon’s integrity is intact-he is described as righteous and devout (Luke 2:25).

What a scene!

Simeon, who stands in the Temple where sacrificial lambs are offered, takes the Lamb of God into his arms!

Simeon, who stands in the Temple where the presence of God was concealed behind the Holy of Holies, has the Holy Spirit resting upon him and guiding him!

We might say, “What a guy!” “What a vantage point!” “What a position!”

Really? What about me? What about you, reader? We have a position and vantage point that Simeon never had. As Believers, we know how the Lamb of God was sacrificed, buried, and resurrected-we have the benefit of eyewitness accounts in the Gospels and have insight regarding the end of History through the pages of Revelation. As Believers, we are made righteous through the blood of Christ. As Believers, we are the Naos, the Holy of Holies. The Spirit of God does not rest on us. He rests within us to empower and guide us. God’s Shekinah Glory in each one who repents and receives Christ.

We are instructed on the pitfalls of the churches and given battle strategies against the plots and snares of Satan in Paul’s letters. Throughout the New Testament, we know we have hope. We know our identity in Christ. We know our authority in Christ. We know we were bought with a price and we know we are free.

How we are doing

In our waiting,

In our wondering,

In our wandering,

In our weariness…

Oh, to grasp the truth that our consolation was available to us all along.

Immanuel, God with us.

[As adapted from The Bondage Breaker and Stomping Out The Darkness by Dr. Neil Anderson and Dr. Dave Park.]

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